Season 2 Finale – Alpha and Omega 9.5.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Skye:  I couldn’t take the guilt anymore, so I wiped my eyes, dried my face and sat down on the front steps thinking.  Mac was nearly a hobbled wreck and I didn’t know if he was capable of giving me what I needed.  Everything we had planned and prepared for was going down the drain.  In my heart, I knew that I never gave him a fair shot because Xavier’s return to Eden City changed everything.  I knew that I had never stopped loving X and I was only hoping that Mac’s love for me would blanket me and keep my heart secure.  As I sat there doubting the choices I had made, I saw Roman’s car screeching into my driveway.  The car … Read More

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason 2 Finale – Alpha and Omega 9.5.14

Tough Love 9.4.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Xavier:  The fire inside me was burning hot and was taking me over.   The old X was fading to black and every thought of sharing my dreams, life and hard work with Skye was becoming a vibrant living color.  When you want something better and new, you have to be willing to do things differently.  I struggled back and forth with whether or not to call Skye or continue to play this macho waiting game bullshit.  That was the old X who placed the ring in front of her as a dare.  The new X walked out feeling the reality of what could really be.  It was no longer a competition with Mac.  Forget about him.  This was all about having … Read More

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsTough Love 9.4.14

Guilty Pleasures 9.3.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Reign:  Byron and I had just come back from the modeling agency, but not before he undressed me and blasted me into another world.  Now that’s what I call Ripping the Runway!  We are really vibing and all the spontaneous sex we have is really starting to play on my heart.  I think I might really like him! Byron:  I had just taken Reign back to her place and WOW, what an evening.  I was ready for another round after the way she kissed me when she got out of the car.  I can’t keep my hands off of her.  She sparks every sense in my body and she’s got me feeling her for real!  I thought I would have to prove … Read More

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsGuilty Pleasures 9.3.14

Close Call – 09-02-14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Skye:  Mac and I had a wonderful night together.  I bathed him, fed him and tucked him in bed to rest up.  As he lay there asleep, I noticed his pain medication on the night stand next to the bed.  In just a matter of days, it was almost empty.  He’s starting to make me worry more and more about him. I reached for his laptop and started searching the medication and its side effects on the Internet.  Before I could do any research, I felt a tug on the back of my shirt. Mac:  “What the hell are you doing on my laptop, Skye?  Are you looking for something special?  Are you trying to find something to justify that … Read More

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsClose Call – 09-02-14