Forbidden Fruits’ Characters’ Descriptions

Norma WarrenSeason One

Cheryl Cloyd Robbins, author of Deliver Us From Evil and Forgive Us Our Trespasses, has created a literary soap opera where the taste of “Forbidden Fruits” is an everyday occurrence for the characters that reside in the fictitious town of Eden City, NC. Eden City, population of 40,000, houses Eden City State University (ECSU) and a plethora of buppies….. The Baxters: Attorney Jill Baxter has been married to the town’s City Manager, Arthur Baxter for many years. Their daughter, Sage, was a sophomore at Eden City State University prior to her untimely death. Art takes Jill for granted and uses their picture perfect family to help boost his political aspirations.  She is lonely in her marriage and still mourns the … Read More

Norma WarrenForbidden Fruits’ Characters’ Descriptions