Close Call – 09-02-14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Skye:  Mac and I had a wonderful night together.  I bathed him, fed him and tucked him in bed to rest up.  As he lay there asleep, I noticed his pain medication on the night stand next to the bed.  In just a matter of days, it was almost empty.  He’s starting to make me worry more and more about him.

I reached for his laptop and started searching the medication and its side effects on the Internet.  Before I could do any research, I felt a tug on the back of my shirt.

Mac:  “What the hell are you doing on my laptop, Skye?  Are you looking for something special?  Are you trying to find something to justify that punk ass Xavier still having a place in your heart?  Just what the hell do you think you’re going to find?”

Skye:  I didn’t want Mac to know I was looking for evidence that he was strung out on pain killers, so I thought of the quickest lie that came to mind.  “No honey, relax … I was just searching the Internet for wedding ideas and honeymoon locations.  Just calm down babe and get your rest.”

Mac:  “So now you’re gonna talk to me like a child?  I fall asleep for a few minutes and you’re in here going through my fucking computer?”

Skye:  I slowly exited the web browser, pushed the lid of the computer closed and turned to face Mac.  His eyes were red like fire and the look on his face was a mixture of pain and anger.  I didn’t want to provoke him anymore than I already had, so I reached for his hand to calm him down.  He jerked away from me and began frantically reaching for the computer.

“Mac, PLEASE, just calm down and relax.  I’m not talking to you like a child and I’m not doing anything shady on your computer.  I just want you to rest and get your strength back so your leg can heal properly.  I was thinking about our future together and I got excited about the planning, so I was just looking at a few things online while I watched you sleep.  Now lie back and relax, because we can’t have you hobbling down the aisle or walking with a cane on our special day.”  I laughed and winked to hopefully diffuse the aggression he was showing.  I think it worked.  I quickly jumped up and adjusted his pillows and asked if he needed anything before I left.  He quickly scanned the room and his eyes parked on the pill bottle that was laying at the foot of the bed.  “Pass me my pills,” he said.  I grabbed them from the bed and placed them in his nightstand.  “I gave you your medicine after dinner, remember?  So no more until morning.”  I closed the nightstand drawer, kissed him on the lips and gathered my things to leave.  He was already falling back asleep by the time I had put on my earrings and found my heels.  I left feeling like someone had shaken me up, opened the top and all my insides had fizzled out.  That was close!  I needed to call Roman.

Roman: I was hanging out with Lola when Skye called to talk about Dad.  I was worried too. Neither of us had ever seen him out of control, much less becoming some kind of pain pill addict.  Lola overheard the conversation and when it was over offered to call a family friend who may be able to help.  She said the Capone’s have a private doctor that would make a house call and let us know how bad it really is with Dad.

She put her head on my chest and we fell asleep that way. She’s the first one to spend the night with me since Sage. I’m feeling it.

Lola: Roman had so much going on in his life and I wanted to help.  I offered up our private doctor to check on Mac. All my intentions were not unselfish though.  We are going to be THE power couple of Eden City and I can’t make that happen if Roman’s dad is an addict.

Tara: I knew if I waited long enough I’d have my chance to escape. The guard let the nurse in for our daily medical check. She’s brought groceries and asked the guard for help bringing them in.  I laid motionless on the bed as I’d done every day faking post partum depression. Kristina was in the bassinet sleeping soundly.  I gave her a kiss and asked for her forgiveness. While my captures were both in the garage getting the bags, I grabbed the nurse’s keys, opened the back door, ran and never looked back!

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsClose Call – 09-02-14