Decisions, Decisions … 8.29.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Skye:  I put on my lip gloss, grabbed my keys and hopped in the car to head over to Mac’s place.  I called him one more time as I pulled out of my driveway.  When he finally answered, I couldn’t tell if he was excited to hear my voice or not.  The pain meds had him in a really mellow mood and it was starting to feel awkward.  Does he know what happened between me and Xavier or are the meds really smothering our flame?  I guess I will just have to find out once I get there.

As I pulled up to Mac’s house, Roman was walking out with a frustrated look on his face.   “Hi Roman, is everything OK?”

Roman:  “Hello, Skye.  Well, you might not get much response from my Dad today.  I’m starting to get concerned that he’s using the pain medication for more than just the pain in his leg.  He’s just not himself.”

Skye:  Roman, explained Mac’s mood to me and how aggressive he had been lately. I thought his trip to the hospital had been a wake up call but I guess not.  I took a few deep breaths, teased my hair a bit and walked inside.  The stench at the front door smelled like a football locker room and I could immediately tell he hadn’t showered since he had been back home.  I yelled out his name as I walked in and could hear the TV blaring loudly from his bedroom.   He lay there in bed and only his eyes moved when he saw me.  His leg was really black and blue and he had it propped up on a few pillows and towels that I guess Roman had Jimmy rigged for him.  My mouth was dry, but I swallowed whatever saliva that I had and let out a soft, “Hi Baby.”  I slowly nestled myself next to him on the bed and he laid his arm across my lap.  I was so afraid to start any small talk because of what Roman had told me about his aggression, but for now all was fine.

Mac and I talked for a few minutes and by then I could no longer take the stench that was coming from his body.  I gently removed his shirt, tossed it on the floor and slowly guided his legs to the edge of the bed.  I stood and started reaching for the buttons on my shirt and slowly unbuttoned them one by one.  With each button, I could see his mood improving more and more.  I backed my way into the bathroom and began to run warm water in the Jacuzzi tub and sprinkled it heavily with bath salts.  I removed the rest of my clothes and stood in the doorway … “You coming babe?”  Before I could blink, he had hobbled his way over to me and I guided him into the tub.  I propped his leg outside the tub and sat down behind him.  This wasn’t the time for making love, but for making up.  I pressed my breasts against his back and reached around and caressed his chest.  I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine.  I bathed and caressed him as we laid back and talked until the water had turned cold.  What a feeling!  I knew this was love and where I needed to be.

Jill: Art may not care what happened to Tara, but I did.  I called the police station and spoke to a detective I’d met a few years ago.  She was a black lady and I remembered being very proud to see her helping to keep Eden City safe.  I explained the situation to her and asked her to check it out off the record.  The perk of being the Mayor’s wife, everyone wants to do me a favor.

Art: My life had taken a turn for the better.  Tara and the  baby were handled. I had my assistant pick up a gift that I knew would take Jill’s mind off that situation.  I stopped by her office with a new pair of red bottoms.  I closed her door, kissed her gently and then kneeled  to slide them on her feet.  I could be Prince Charming for her.

Tara:  When I get out of here, I’m going to kill Art Baxter!

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsDecisions, Decisions … 8.29.14