Forbidden Fruits’ Characters’ Descriptions

Norma WarrenSeason One

Cheryl Cloyd Robbins, author of Deliver Us From Evil and Forgive Us Our Trespasses, has created a literary soap opera where the taste of “Forbidden Fruits” is an everyday occurrence for the characters that reside in the fictitious town of Eden City, NC. Eden City, population of 40,000, houses Eden City State University (ECSU) and a plethora of buppies…..

The Baxters:

Attorney Jill Baxter has been married to the town’s City Manager, Arthur Baxter for many years. Their daughter, Sage, was a sophomore at Eden City State University prior to her untimely death. Art takes Jill for granted and uses their picture perfect family to help boost his political aspirations.  She is lonely in her marriage and still mourns the death of her daughter and the subsequent demise of her lover, Mark Edwards.  Jill’s trouble with long-term memory loss is a direct result of being shot during a grocery store robbery when a bullet grazed her head.  After her recovery, she returned to her law practice and welcomed Byron James as her partner.  She is attracted to Byron, but guilt ridden by her attraction to him.  Jill is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

City Manager Art Baxter loves his wife, Jill, but has been unfaithful.  Although Art’s political aspirations are his number one priority, he adored his adopted daughter, Sage.  He adopted Sage soon after he and Jill married and raised her as if she was his very own biological child.  He was devastated by her death and made it his mission to discover the truth behind her death.  After Art became aware of Jill’s affair with Mark Edwards, he devised a plan to simultaneously ruin the “lovers” relationship while highlighting his platform of “tough on crime”.  Art’s primary goal was to avoid any semblance of scandal and preserve his potential to run for mayor.  So, he hired some thugs to attack Jill with the intentions of catching her attackers in some public display of vigilante-style detective work.  However, things got out of hand; Jill got shot and Sage was run off the road by these hired thugs.  Like all his other connections, he uses his affiliation with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated to gain political favor.

Student Sage Baxter was the daughter of Art and Jill Baxter.  She was a sophomore at Eden City State University.  Sage was a bit shy, but was dating Roman Freeman.  She had a promising future until she was killed when her car hit a tree.  Sage’s biological father was Xavier Rey.  She never knew Xavier was her real father and Xavier didn’t know until the day of Sage’s funeral.  Sage loved and adored Art and Jill and they loved and adored her.


The Freemans:

Architect Mac Freeman began dating photographer Skye Scott a couple of years ago. He has had multiple affairs.  He didn’t intend to fall in love, but her innocence and willingness to be molded took him by surprise.  He loves her now but his desire to keep her has just as much to do with Xavier Rey NOT having her. At the end of Season 1, Mac proposed to Skye and she accepted.  Mac and Xavier have a history and Mac hasn’t forgotten it.  Mac is very cool under pressure.  He’s calm and in control.  He’s a successful businessman and has recently been appointed to the CEO position left vacant by the death of his friend and partner Mark Edwards.  While attending Eden City State University, Mac dated Laila Lafleur.  Unbeknownst to him, she was also dating Xavier Rey.  Laila’s triangle resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.  In response, her wealthy parents sent her to France to finish college.  She returned to Eden City with Roman.  Mac immediately took responsibility for him and raised him as a single parent.  Xavier didn’t know that he was possibly Roman’s father until it was revealed in Season 1.  Roman was also not aware of the possibility that Xavier was his father until the Season Finale when Laila, who lacks any maternal instincts, blurted it out.  Mac was livid.  Some of Mac’s “doggish qualities” could be possibly and stereotypically contributed to his affiliation to the “Que Dog” in him.

He had an affair with Tara Knight

Student Roman Freeman dated and loved Sage Baxter although he was more sexually adventurous than she was.  After discovering panties in his apartment, Sage broke off the relationship in a rage.  Roman wanted to reconcile until Sage vandalized his car.  They were estranged at the time of her death, shortly after the breakup.  Roman was heartbroken and attacked Mark Edwards who he thought, at the time, was responsible for Sage’s death.  Mark died during the attack and Roman was held in custody until an autopsy proved that the cause of Mark’s death was a brain aneurism.  Roman had an affair with Violet Edwards, a much older woman.  Roman enjoyed the mild S&M games he played with Violet.  She fed the natural sexual thirst he inherited from Mac.  Violet became jealous of his relationship with Sage and planted a pair of her panties in his apartment for her to find.  When Violet threatened to destroy Art and Jill with exposure of Jill and Mark’s affair, Roman revealed his affair with Violet and his attorney threatened Violet with exposure in order to thwart her attempts to destroy Jill and Art.  In the Season 1 Finale Violet tried to rekindle her affair with Roman, but she is interrupted by Laila, Mac and Xavier.

The Edwards:

Engineer Mark Edwards was married to socialite Violet Edwards until he suffered a brain aneurism during a scuffle with Roman Freeman. Early in their marriage, Mark discovered that Violet aborted their child without telling him.  He had always wanted a family which she had denied him.  He remained a devoted husband and successful business man until he met Jill Baxter.  The marriage was pleasant but unfulfilling.  Mark would have preferred to leave but Violet’s family owned the company that he spent a career building and he would lose it all in a divorce.  During his affair with Jill Baxter, he fell hard and became dangerously obsessed with her.  When she tried to end it, he kidnapped her and drove her across the state with the intention of running away and never looking back at Eden City.  Jill snuck away while Mark slept and called Sage to come pick her up.  On the way to pick up her mom, Sage was killed when her car was run off the road.  Mark was devastated by Jill’s apparent betrayal and went back home to accept his destiny to be with Violet forever.  He, like his friend, Mac Freeman, is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Socialite Violet Edwards is married to Engineer Mark Edwards.  Violet spends her days lunching and fundraising on behalf of many organizations, including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  She knows that Mark has lost his affection towards her but still loves him and is satisfied with their living arrangements.  While Violet is aware and intolerant of Mark’s affair with Jill Baxter, she continues an ongoing affair with the young Roman Freeman.  She is sexually unfulfilled at home and uses Roman as her boy toy.  The young Mr. Freeman is all too eager to please and they have very wild trysts involving some mild S&M until her panties are planted and discovered in Roman’s apartment.

The Scotts:

Photographer Skye Scottis currently engaged to Mac Freeman and has become his sexual masterpiece.  She is excited to shed her sexual inhibitions and experience the lavish freedom Mac provides.  She enjoys being spoiled by Mac, who spares no expense to impress his lady love.  Disturbed by his commitment phobia and baby mama drama, Skye begins to question whether or not the relationship will last.  Career driven, she works tirelessly building her photography business and is very talented.  The former girlfriend and current lover of Xavier (X) Rey – Skye and X have a history.  They dated right after college and were madly in love.  They vacationed in France; X wanted to stay; Skye wanted to come home and the affair ended.  They hadn’t spoken in years until X showed up out of nowhere.  Skye was excited to escape the drama with Mac and quickly fell back under X’s spell.  She was anxious to show him all her new sexual maturity and she did.  Forced into a corner, she chose Mac, but X was a very close second choice.  Despite his reckless shenanigans, Skye is still wildly attracted to X.  Skye’s sister and best friend is Reign Scott.  They share almost all their secrets.  In the Season 1 Finale, Skye discovers Reign in a ménage a trios with a man and a woman.  Clearly they have some things to talk about.

Free Spirit Reign Scott moves with the wind.  She has relocated to Eden City to be with her sister.  She is the free spirit of the two and has always marched to her own beat.  Educated, successful and beautiful she will be shaking things up in Eden City.  Sexually liberated, Reign enjoys the company of men and women, often at the same time.  Secretly dating Byron James and always interested in having fun, Reign enjoys her rendezvous with Byron.  The thing she enjoys most is the lack of commitment.  She refuses to carry, handle or open any baggage that comes along with a defined “relationship”.  She supports her sister’s relationship with Mac but questions Xavier Rey’s intentions and motives.

Entrepreneur Xavier (X) Rey, Owner of The French Quarters Luxury Resort, is an Eden City State University graduate. After graduation, he left Eden City with the woman of his dreams. She returned without him. He returned three years ago to not only build a business, but to rebuild the bridge that connects him to the woman that synchronizes his heart, mind and body. The villain that we love to hate, X is every woman’s dream.  He is sly and manipulative and reckless, but romantic, sensitive and a modern day Don Juan.  He is very wealthy, but needs and has to have Skye to complete his world.  He is willing to do anything to have her, especially destroy her fiancé, Mac Freeman.  Like the “ice cold movements” that stereotypically describe his Greek affiliation, X pursues Skye with no hint of subtlety.  His methods could be symbolically compared to the mythicized treacherous and merciless approaches of a sphinx.

Since his return, Xavier has been informed that Sage Baxter was his biological child and has just been notified by Laila Lafleur that Roman Freeman may be his son.  X is excited about the possibility of having a son and openly shows affection towards Roman and wants to win him over by any means necessary.  Xavier didn’t find out about Sage until Jill blurts out her paternity during her funeral.  Having been friends and frat brothers with Art for many years, they decided to keep this secret between them.  Xavier also financially backs Art’s mayoral campaign.

Deceitful Laila Lafleuris a whirlwind and a hot mess.  She breezes into Eden City looking for a way to get out of financial indebtedness with some very bad people in France.  She abandoned Roman as an infant and has never been a mother to him.  They have very little affection towards one another, but she tries to form a bond with him after he loses Sage and is suspected of killing Mark.  Laila is conniving and an opportunist stopping at nothing to get whatever she wants.  She’s had some recent casual sex with X, but no current love interest.  Laila is responsible for X’s shooting.

Entrepreneur Tara Knight, a local hairdresser and Art Baxter’s mistress, slept with Mac Freeman and tried to convince Mac that she is pregnant with his child.  Tara’s salon is located in a building that Mac owns and she is trying to blackmail Mac into turning over the deed to her salon.  Unfortunately, Tara’s plan doesn’t work because Mac had a vasectomy after Laila ran off and left Roman motherless.  Therefore he cannot possibly be her baby’s father.  So, he uses the building to pay Byron James for legal fees in representing Roman during the Mark Edwards murder case.

Tara is actually pregnant with Art Baxter’s baby and is blackmailing Art for his money.  She is actually just in search of stability and comfort.

Attorney Byron James is new to Eden City.  He came to Eden City to defend Roman Freeman in a murder case.  Circumstances have led him to stay and he is now helping Jill Baxter rebuild her law practice.  At the end of Season 1, Byron James discovered the Art Baxter/Tara Knight affair and is now guiltlessly comforting Jill Baxter during her grief/mourning stage.

Norma WarrenForbidden Fruits’ Characters’ Descriptions