Guilty Pleasures 9.3.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Reign:  Byron and I had just come back from the modeling agency, but not before he undressed me and blasted me into another world.  Now that’s what I call Ripping the Runway!  We are really vibing and all the spontaneous sex we have is really starting to play on my heart.  I think I might really like him!

Byron:  I had just taken Reign back to her place and WOW, what an evening.  I was ready for another round after the way she kissed me when she got out of the car.  I can’t keep my hands off of her.  She sparks every sense in my body and she’s got me feeling her for real!  I thought I would have to prove to her that I could handle all her sexual explorations, but everything has fallen into place so naturally.  If things keep going the way they are, I might have to wife her.  Neither of us are getting any younger.  I could get used to this!

Xavier:  I had to fly out of town on business and couldn’t believe I passed on my usual casual sex session with my out of town chick.  Damn, maybe I shouldn’t have given Skye that ring so soon.  She hasn’t called me since, and for me to turn down sex is fucking crazy!  She has been on my mind harder than ever and I could feel the change happening inside of me.  I know her though … she wants me to sweat her and make another move, but hell, that’s one helluva move that I made by giving her the ring.  I wonder if she even opened it.  I don’t think she would be able to hold it in if she had.  Now, do I suck it up and call her or continue to wait?

Roman:  I was impressed that Lola had offered to help with my Dad.  That showed a lot of character on her part.  She  is everything I expected and everything I didn’t expect at the same time.  I want to take my time with her and make sure she’s worth me pouring all my energy into her.  I have so many other things going on, but she would fit perfectly into the puzzle.  It’s hard to overlook her family’s wealth and as much as I want to take my time, it’s just as hard to overlook her sex appeal. My phone rang and right on time, it was Lola!  She had called to tell me more about the doctor who would be helping my Dad.  It’s good to know she has a caring heart and had enjoyed our time together as much as I did.  As much as I’m worried about my Dad and his possible addiction, it was refreshing to know she was thinking about me.  I can’t allow myself to stress out too much over my Dad.  He’s a strong man, but he can be very controlling.  I have to stay focused on my goals and now that Lola has one of the best doctors in Eden City willing to attend to him, I can exhale some.  Now, if I can just get her to talk some of that Italian to me …  We’ll have to add that to the “to do” list.

Skye:  The drive back home was painful.  It was killing me inside to see Mac like this.  I can’t believe his addiction has happened so fast.  I couldn’t help but to wonder if I was to blame for it all.  He’s definitely not himself and my heart is torn.  On one side, X has propositioned and challenged me to leave Mac to be with him and on the other side, Mac needs me more than ever.  I don’t know what to do!  How can I be so insensitive?  A woman has needs and one of those needs is attention.  I’m just not getting that from Mac, and when will he be able to give it to me the way he had before?  My mind is telling  me to keep a very safe distance between myself and X, but my body feels dehydrated and he is my water. My face was wet from the tears running down my cheeks as I pulled back into my driveway.  I could feel my legs weaken with every step I took as I approached my door.  I grabbed the door handle and broke down right there on the front steps.  I was mad at myself for entertaining my selfish thoughts of X while Mac was in the condition he was in.  This is supposed to be my future husband.  My love, my companion, my friend … and all I could think about was X and that damn ring box!

Art: Tara was on the loose but she’d already gotten her money. So the chances of  her coming back and spilling the beans now…let’s just say she ain’t no fool.  I did what I had to do to keep her away from Jill. Now, this baby…what do I do with her?  The nurse I’d hired was not about to be a full-time caregiver to an infant.  So I researched long term care facilities and found one that takes special needs kids. Poof! Problem Solved!!

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsGuilty Pleasures 9.3.14