Season 2 Finale – Alpha and Omega 9.5.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Skye:  I couldn’t take the guilt anymore, so I wiped my eyes, dried my face and sat down on the front steps thinking.  Mac was nearly a hobbled wreck and I didn’t know if he was capable of giving me what I needed.  Everything we had planned and prepared for was going down the drain.  In my heart, I knew that I never gave him a fair shot because Xavier’s return to Eden City changed everything.  I knew that I had never stopped loving X and I was only hoping that Mac’s love for me would blanket me and keep my heart secure.  As I sat there doubting the choices I had made, I saw Roman’s car screeching into my driveway.  The car had barely come to a complete stop, before Roman was standing in my driveway pacing back and forth yelling and cursing.  An emptiness fell over me and I feared the worst … that something had happened to Mac.  I stood and started running to Roman when I saw Lola exit the car.  Her face was bright red as if she had been crying.  I stopped in my tracks and finally absorbed the words that Roman had been yelling.  Mac … how could you?  Not to your own son!  I got in my car furious and confused with intentions of driving to Mac’s house for an explanation.  Then my phone rang.  It was Xavier …

Xavier:  I finally made the decision to call Skye.  It had been long enough and I had made up my mind that there was no more time for games.  The phone rang a few times and just as I was about to hang up, I heard Skye say hello.  I paused because I recognized the tone in her voice.  It was a tone that was all so familiar to me when she was hurting inside.  I completely lost my train of thought of what I had intended to say and immediately asked her what was wrong.  There was a long pause, then I could hear her voice shaking when she asked me to meet her at her office.

Jill:  I cancelled my afternoon and drove 4 hours across the state to the facility where the baby girl had been left.  The administrators were not going to allow any visitors at the direction of the guardian until I told them I was the First Lady of Eden City.  They scattered around making phone calls and about 30 minutes later they allowed me to see her.  I was as nervous as a new mother but I had to know if they had Kristina.  I pulled back the blanket and there she was, a beautiful little baby girl.  I picked her up and tears filled my eyes. I held her and she looked into my eyes.  It was meant to be.  I called Byron and told him to do whatever needed to be done, but I was taking this baby home tonight.  He was stunned and gave me a hundred reasons why this couldn’t be done.  But I insisted that I was not leaving without Kristina.

Byron: Art’s shit just got messier.  He tried to hide that baby but Jill found her within a few days.  Now she wants to claim the baby and I’m supposed to make it happen?  The conflict of interest alone is overwhelming.  Not to mention the fact that this baby belongs to her husband and we have no idea where her crazy mother is.  I needed to buy some time.  I told Jill to hold tight while I made some calls and being that it was after hours, she would have to be patient.

Xavier:  Skye and I arrived at her office a few minutes apart.  When I pulled up, she was still sitting in her car and screaming into her cellphone.  I walked to her slowly to give her some privacy, but could make out that it was Mac on the other end of the call.  I slowly approached her car and she collapsed into my arms weeping loudly.  I held her weight against my body and lead her into the office building.  I helped her into a chair and grabbed a bottled water for her from the fridge.  Skye sipped on the water and began pouring out to me everything that had happened between her, Mac, Roman and Lola.  My mouth dropped to the floor, but I quickly regained my composure and asked her did she need time to think.  I knew this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for, but I couldn’t bring myself to play on this vulnerable moment.  I walked over to soothe her with a hug and she stood and embraced me tightly.  I soon realized she was no longer crying and whispered to me … wait right here.  She walked over to a safe in her office, entered the combination and removed … the ring.  I knew it!  She hadn’t even opened it.  It was still as I had given it to her.  We both stood there looking at the ring box in silence.  I went to speak and she placed her finger over my mouth and began to open the box.  “Wait Skye … I really need to say this.  Years ago when you left me in the French Quarters, it changed me.  I vowed that I would never allow anyone else to reach the inner depths of me that you had.  I built my business with you in mind hoping to share everything with you.  None of this is complete with who it was intended for.  I wasn’t going to allow Mac to steal my future away from me, until I realized that it wasn’t about my future … it was about having YOU!”

Skye:  I couldn’t believe this was all happening.  I couldn’t stop myself from going with the feelings that I was having.  I had failed Mac and karma was ringing my doorbell.  But X was still here, standing before me in my time of need like he always had been.  I should have never left him to pursue my selfish wants.  It was always  him that I wanted more than anything.  “X you have always been the one I loved.  Even when my mind hated you, my heart loved you.  I thought I could remove you from my system, but you are the very blood that flows through my veins.”  I paused as I felt a single tear release itself from my eye and roll down my cheek.  I patiently opened the ring box while taking in the moment of clarity.  The fog had been removed as I laid my eyes on the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.  I glanced into Xavier’s eyes, removed Mac’s ring and laid it on the desk.

Tara:  Men like Art make me sick.  He uses me for sex, gets me pregnant and treats me like a disease. All he cared about was his precious career.  He didn’t care that I went into early labor.  He never even called.  He just sent his goons to take us away and hold us hostage.  But I have something for his ass and there he is.  I watched Art walk towards his car in a hurry with Byron on his heels.  I put the car in gear, hit the gas and swerved in front of him to cut them off.  I jumped out and stood between him and the driver side door.  All the hate I had ever held for any man in my life flooded my body at that moment.  I raised that gun…

Art: The crack of the bullet slicing through the fall night was deafening!  I smelled my own flesh burning and grabbed at the whole in my chest.  My heart pumped warm blood over my hand as I tried to stop its flow and remain on my feet.  For a few seconds I heard my own muffled moans and then … silence.

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason 2 Finale – Alpha and Omega 9.5.14