Tough Love 9.4.14

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsSeason Two

Xavier:  The fire inside me was burning hot and was taking me over.   The old X was fading to black and every thought of sharing my dreams, life and hard work with Skye was becoming a vibrant living color.  When you want something better and new, you have to be willing to do things differently.  I struggled back and forth with whether or not to call Skye or continue to play this macho waiting game bullshit.  That was the old X who placed the ring in front of her as a dare.  The new X walked out feeling the reality of what could really be.  It was no longer a competition with Mac.  Forget about him.  This was all about having built this empire of riches with one person in mind … Skye!  The one person I wanted to share everything with …  and the one person who I allowed to leave me in the French Quarters in hopes that she would return.  They say you have never been in love until you’ve loved someone enough to let them walk away.   Well now it was time for me to guide her steps back to me.

Roman:  I drove over to pick up Lola so we could go check on Dad and have her talk to him about the possibility of seeing a new doctor.  Dad would never agree to it if I did the talking, but Lola should be able to handle him just fine.  It’s something about a woman’s voice that makes him either commit or submit.  I called Lola as I was pulling up to her house and within seconds she was walking out the door.  She got in the car and I starred at her so hard that I could have counted her heart beats with my eyes.  I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips and inhaled her sweet aroma.  “Thanks Lola, I owe you big!”  She smiled and we headed off to Dad’s place.

Mac:  I don’t know how long I can put up with this pain.  I’m low on pills and short on love.  Skye doesn’t realize the hurt she’s caused me and that fucking X is going to make me X him out.  Skye comes over here snooping through my shit and Roman is treating me like some type of junkie.  He better realize who’s the Father and who’s the Son.  After all I went through to prove he was mine, the least he could do is cut me some slack.  My business will suffer if I don’t get better soon and Skye will keep nagging me about this damn wedding planning and getting me back on my feet.  What’s the fucking rush?  She’s probably just using me anyway.  I don’t need her sympathy!  If she can’t fully commit to me, I’m not about to give her the pleasure of making me look like a fool.

The doorbell rang and I could hear keys jingling against the lock.  In walks Roman and his new lady friend Lola.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  She looks like she has something up her sleeve.  What does she want with my son anyway?  He’s still a college student who hasn’t even come close to reaching his potential yet.

Roman:  I used my key to enter my Dad’s house and walked in.  It was a pleasant surprise to see that he had finally let the maids in to tidy up the place.  He was in his office and I walked over to him while Lola walked slowly behind me peeking around my shoulder as if she didn’t know what to expect.  “What’s up Dad?  Good to see you are out of bed and moving around a little bit.  Lola and I were just passing through and decided to come see how you were doing.  We have some good news for you!”

Lola:  “Hi Mr. Freeman!  I’m also glad to see that you’re doing better.  Like Roman said, we have some good news for you.  My family has a private doctor who is the absolute best doctor in Eden City.  When Roman told me about your accident, I spoke with him and he has agreed to put you at the top of his list and see  you.  Isn’t that great?  Roman and I … ”  Before I could finish my sentence, Mr. Freeman yelled “STOP”, held up his hand to shush me and slowly made his way over to Roman.  He placed his hand on Roman’s chest and as he whispered in his ear, he began clenching the front of Roman’s shirt.  I could sense anger, but had no idea what he could have said.  He turned to me and asked if he could speak to me in private.  Roman stood beside him slowly shaking his head no, but I agreed.  I didn’t want to cower out and I wanted Roman to know that I could handle myself.  Afterall, we were here to help.  I told Mr. Freeman, Sure, and we asked Roman to go into the other room.  Roman, gave me an empty look and slowly started walking out of the room.  Mr. Freeman asked him to close the door behind him and told him he just had a few questions for me.  I again told Roman it would be fine and he left the room.

Roman:  “I’ll be right here if you need me Lola.”  “Dad, five minutes, that’s it!”

Mac:  “Lola Capone …  Ms. Rich Daughter of the former mayor of Eden City, huh?  So tell me, what the fuck do you want with my son?  What type of crazy plan do you have with Roman that brings you into my house offering up your private doctors and assuming that I need something from you or the Capone family?  Look around!  I built all of this!  We don’t need your money or your handouts Ms. Capone!”

Lola:  Roman had warned me that his Dad had severe mood swings when he was on his medication and I was just trying to weather the storm of questions from him.  I told Mr.Freeman how Roman and I had developed a mutual respect and liking for one another and that it was only right that I used my resources to help Roman help him.  The more I talked, the deeper Mr. Freeman’s eyes pierced my body.  It was as if he was burning a hole through me.

Mac:  “That all sounds like bullshit to me, Ms. Capone.  So what do you REALLY want with my son?  I wonder what he even sees in you?  Are you fucking my son, Ms. Capone?”

Lola:  At that moment, I was ready to call out for Roman.  Mr. Freeman was standing in my face close enough that I could smell what he had eaten for breakfast.  When he questioned me about the extent of my relationship with Roman, he grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him.  I wasn’t sure if he was using me for balance or intentionally pulling me closer to him.  It was not until he slid his hand up my thigh and beneath my dress that I knew this wasn’t right and I needed Roman NOW!  I quickly jerked away from Mr.  Freeman as he pinned me against his office desk.  The thump against the wall must have been loud enough to alert Roman.  Mr. Freeman was still pressed against me when I saw the office door fly open.

Roman:  “What the hell is going on?  Dad, what the hell are you doing?”

Jill: The detective I’d contacted had gotten a bite. She’d been monitoring every orphanage, hospital and long term care facility in the state. There was an infant girl who was brought in a few days ago.  She didn’t have a birth certificate, but she was healthy except for the Down Syndrome.  It had to be my Kristina.

Tara: I was sitting outside the mayor’s office. He would come out soon and I had something waiting for him.

Cheryl Cloyd RobbinsTough Love 9.4.14